Top 10 Online Marketplaces In India To Boost Your Sales.

Dear All , Today, I will discuss with you the best online selling sites in India, all these Indian online shopping websites bring you tremendous business opportunities in the e-commerce world, and you will also find the tips to sell online and Q&As in Indian online market.

Creating an E-commerce website with fancy colors, aren’t sufficient to propel the customers into the conversion. Customers are everywhere; but you need to be perceptible to them. One of the easiest and efficacious ways of doing it is, enrolling your business in the most established online marketplaces. This will surely give you a whopping amount of customers in no time. For every purchase from the customer, a predefined amount of commission is generally charged by the company. Listing your products in the marketplace will undoubtedly give you greater visibility and probability of acquiring prospect customers. E-commerce marketplace is one of the multiple monetization options. In order to enroll in the marketplace, you will need few of the documents and some of the general documents required are:

1. GSTIN/TIN Number

2. Bank account proof-Cancelled cheque, Address Proof etc

3. PAN Card

4. Trade Mark certificate for certain category of product

There are many E-commerce marketplaces in India which sellers can utilize for higher brand awareness and revenue generation. and also if you want anything of these documents you can click here:- Click

So, without further any further delay, let’s get started to know the Indian marketplace.

10 Best Online Selling & Shopping Sites In India

Below are listed the best 10 online selling & shopping sites in India, as well as the tips & tricks to sell online successfully.

1. Flipkart Pvt Ltd.

Flipkart is one of the best Indian e-commerce online shopping sites and platform which was established in 2007. It had a humble beginning, dealing with book sales back then. Now, the platform has expanded to include other categories, such as lifestyle products, consumer electronics, and fashion. 

The platform allows sellers to reach millions of customers and is known for its quick payments (7-15 days) and timely pick-up services. As of 2017, the platform registered 39.5% market share of the country’s e-commerce industry. Walmart currently owns 77% of the company.

Best for: General merchandise, including fashion, electronics & accessories, mobile & tablets, appliances, home & kitchen, among others.

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Key Features:

● Over 11 years of working experience

● 335 million monthly visits

● Position 134 in the global ranking

● $2.8 billion in annual revenues

● Over 100 million registered users

● Mobile and fashion are the hot-selling categories

● Platform provides logistics

How to sell on Flipkart? And what about the cost?

 Seller requirements: A minimum of one genuine product to sell, bank account, identification number (GSTIN), and PAN Card that defines the type of business.

 Free registration

 5%-25%; no fixed amount

2. Amazon India

Amazon India gives sellers the right solution to grow their business. The Indian online shopping site launched in 2013 and received a record of 10,000 orders on its first day of operation. Amazon India has, within a short time, transformed into a force to reckon with in India’s e-commerce industry. 

The platform as one of the best Indian online selling sites helps you promote and market your products to hundreds of millions of customers worldwide.

Best for: General merchandise, including fashion, electronics & accessories, mobile & tablets, appliances, home & kitchen, among others.

Key Features:

● Over 5 years of working experience

● Over 534 million monthly visits

● Position 74 in the global ranking

● Over 136 million users

● Over $2 billion in annual revenues

● Fashion ranks as the top-selling category

● The platform provides logistics

How to Become a seller on Amazon India? And what about the cost?

 Seller requirements: Amazon account, PAN Card, bank account, authorization (For private labels), and business address.

 The platform has two plans; you can sell as a professional (over 40 times) or as an individual. Professional sellers incur a monthly subscription fee of $39.99. Plus, there’s a seller fee, which includes referral fees and variable closing fees. 

✓ Individual sellers pay no subscription fee. However, they incur selling fees, including $0.99 per item sold, referral fees, and variable closing fees. Referral fees range from 6%-20% of item cost, with the average seller paying 15%.

3. Snapdeal


Snapdeal is a online selling platform in India that offers life-changing experiences, both to sellers and buyers. The Indian shopping site launched in 2010, and currently boasts over 125,000 brands and retailers. There are hundreds of thousands of sellers serving over 3,000 towns and cities in India. Snapdeal incorporates a seller’s training program and even has a “Loan Feature” to help raise business capital without crazy interest rates.

Best for: General merchandise including automotive, fashion, electronics & accessories, mobile & tablets, appliances, home & kitchen, among others.

Key Features:

● Over 8 years of working experience

● Over 75 million monthly visits

● Position 856 in the global ranking

● Over 34 million users

● Over $1 billion in annual revenues

● Mobile phones rank as the top-selling category

● Snapdeal provides logistics.

How to sell on Snapdeal? And what about the cost?

 Seller requirements: Authorized to sell in India, new genuine products, PAN Card, and bank account details.

 Free registration

 0%-26% commission fee

4. Paytm

Patym, founded in 2010, is a fast-growing e-commerce online shopping platform backed by an innovative mobile wallet concept. The platform has evolved into a fully functional website offering a vast range of goods and services which is perfect for sellers to boost their business online. 

It hosts over 7 million merchants and serves over 80 million customers across India. It boasts over 39,000 pin codes, covering almost all cities and towns in India. Sellers have a chance to experiment with over 500 categories available on the platform.

Best for: General merchandise and mobile payments, including fashion, electronics & accessories, mobile & tablets, appliances, home & kitchen, among others.

Key Features:

● Over 8 years of working experience

● Over 56 million monthly visits

● Position 561 in the global ranking

● $110 million in annual revenues

● Over 26 million users

● Mobile phones and consumer electronics at the top selling categories.

● Patym provides logistics

How to sell on Paytm? And what about the cost?

 Seller requirements: Business name, genuine product, contacts, bank details, PAN Card, and proof of address.

 Free registration

 2.7% payment gateway commission and up to 18% marketplace commission.

6. Craftsvilla


Craftsvilla, launched in 2011, is among the best Indian online shopping webistes to market for and promote your unique Indian products. The company, which is valued at $300-$500 million, boasts over 25,000 sellers dealing in fashion, apparel, beauty products, and handcrafted home accessories.

Best for: Latest Indian ethnic wear, including clothing, apparel, and jewelry.

Key Features:

Craftsvilla alexa rank.png

 Over 7 years of working experience

 Over 1.73 million monthly visits

 More than $3.9 million in annual revenues

 More than 981,930 users

 Clothing is the best-selling category

 Logistics available

How to sell on Craftsvilla? And what about the cost?

 Vendor requirements: Business name, personal contacts, PAN Card, bank details, and VAT registration.

 Free seller registration

 20% commission on each transaction

8. Pepperfry


Pepperfry is among the best e-commerce shopping webistes to sell household goods. The platform launched in 2012, dealing mostly in furniture back then. Now, it has expanded to include kitchen tools and appliances. This selling platform has a client base of over 5 million customers across India and serves over 500 cities.

Best for: Furniture and kitchen appliances

Key Features:

Pepperfry alexa rank.png

● Over 6 years of working experience

● Over 6.58 million monthly visits

● 6,212 in the global ranking

● More than $18.7 million in annual revenues

● Over 3.2 million users

● Furniture is the hot-selling category

● Logistics available

How to become a Pepperfry seller? And what about the cost?

 Seller requirements: Bank details, company details, proof of identity, proof of address, and genuine product to sell.

 Free registration

 Commission is negotiable

9. ShopClues


ShopClues, launched in 2011, is among India’s largest private e-commerce platforms. The platform, which is valued at over $1.1 billion, is a hub for over 600,000 merchants dealing in over 28 million products. The company serves more than 32,000 pin codes across India. ShopClues promotes both local and regional brands.

Best for:  Fashion, home & kitchen, mobile & electronics, and sports

Key Features:

ShopClues alexa rank.png

● Over 7 years of working experience

● Over 18.47 million monthly visits

● Position 3,102 in the global ranking

● Over $39 million in annual revenues

● Over 10.7 million users

● Fashion is the top-selling category

● ShopClues cover logistics

How to sell on ShopClues? And what about the cost?

 Vendor requirements: Business entity, ID proof, address proof, registered trademark, and bank details.

 Free registration

 Marketplace fee of up to 20% and a fulfillment fee that’s negotiable

11. Voonik


Voonik, established in 2013, is among India’s largest fashion e-commerce companies. The online shopping website gives sellers access to over 10 million customers across India which is one of the most favorable Indian online selling platform for fashion items. 

There are over 10,000 smart businesses and sellers can get up to 1 crore in loans to help them scale-up their business.

Best for: Home & living, and apparels

Key Features:

Voonik alexa rank.png

● Over 5 years of working experience

● Over 912,726 monthly visits

● Position 45,142 in the global ranking

● Over $16 million in annual revenues

● Over 545,000 users

● Clothes are the top-selling category

● Logistics available

How to sell on Voonik? And what about the cost?

 Seller requirements: Address proof, PAN Card, bank details, genuine products, and GST details.

 Free seller registration

 A commission fee of up to 20%

12. Rediff


Rediff is among India’s oldest shopping web portals launched in 1996. Their aim is to introduce a new start of shopping online at ease. Here, you have a chance to join thousands of sellers specializing in over 22 million products. As a seller, it’s a great Indian online selling market that you should pay attention to.

Best for: General merchandise, including  t-shirts, car accessories, mobile phones, upholstery, home furniture, mobile accessories, dress, gadget or furniture, etc. 

Key Features:


● Over 22 years of working experience

● Over 788,713 monthly visits

● 512 in the global ranking

● Over $103 million in annual revenues

● Over 452,362 users

● Fashion is the hot-selling category

● Logistics available

How to become a Rediff seller? And what about the cost?

 Seller requirements: Business details, bank details, address proof, PAN Card, and genuine products.

✓ Free seller registration

Tips for Selling Online in India

tips to sell online.jpg

● Choose a business model

Those interested in entering India’s e-commerce have two options: Tap into an already established marketplace or build an e-commerce website from scratch.

E-commerce site: Building an e-commerce platform from scratch is an ideal option where you have unique products; products that only you can source. Plus, this option enables you to create your own brand name. The drawback is that it is expensive and time-consuming. 

It’s a long process that involves setting up an online store, building a logistics chain, integrating a secure payment method, among other tasks.

Marketplaces: An already established marketplace makes the easiest and fastest way to sell online. Flipkart and its fashion branch Myntra rank the top in India boasting a market share of 38.5%. Amazon India comes second with a market share of 29%. Other top rankers include ShopClues, Snapdeal, and Patym.

The good thing is that these marketplaces are open even to non-Indian merchants. The only requirements are a registered company, tax number, and a bank account. The platforms take care of the rest, including logistics and payment.

● Register your business

Merchants can register their business in three ways: sole proprietorship, public/private company, or a limited liability partnership. A private company makes the best option, especially for small businesses.

A limited liability partnership established by foreigners is subject to some restrictions as stipulated in the Foreign Direct Investment Regulations. Sole proprietorship, on the other hand, can’t exceed $300,000 in annual revenues. Plus, allocation or transfer of shares to others is restricted.

A private company is relatively easy to register. Plus, the registration process requires fewer documents and is less expensive. The required number of shareholders is 2-200 and with a minimum share capital of $1,500 or 100,000 Rupees. The company should include one director, either a resident of India or one who has lived in the country for over 182 days during the previous financial year.

Before the registration process commences, you’ll need proof of identification and proof of address. During the process, you’ll need a Director Identification Number, Digital Signature Certificate, approval of company name, and certificate of incorporation/company registration certificate.

Upon registration, make sure to obtain Goods and Services Tax ID, valid Permanent Account Number, a bank account, and a payment gateway. Additional documents will be required, just in case the authorities come knocking. The process is a bit complicated, and often requires the services of a lawyer.

● Understand logistics and payments

Logistics and payments are among the major obstacles faced by merchants in Indian e-commerce.

Logistics: Logistics, which involve the building of a robust supply chain, is by far the biggest obstacle. The reason behind this is the undeveloped infrastructure in most regions. You’ll do well selling in a marketplace as it takes care of logistics.

International logistics (FedEx, UPS), including the domestic provider DTDC Express, are available. However, they face the problem of limited infrastructure and warehousing facilities. In most cases, they resort to smaller, cheaper third-party companies for shipment.

The problem is more pronounced in small cities and rural areas. The good news is that the issue is being addressed, though gradually. DHL, for instance, has established an e-commerce logistics division expected to commence operation soon. It’s expected to offer services, such as road-based transportation and SmarTrucking.

Payments: Payment gateway is easy to set up. However, most Indian buyers prefer to pay “Cash On Delivery,” which is more expensive. The method attracts multiple fees and courier charges that should be paid by the merchant. 

Plus, the merchant covers the return cost in the case that the customer doesn’t accept the package. There’s money delay in the COD payment methods and carrying cash proves quite risky.

The good news is that digital payments are coming to the rescue. Better still, the government covers for merchant account fees for smaller businesses, hence making most businesses switch to digital payments.

What’s the best online selling websites for merchants in India?

You can find many recommended online selling site in India from our list, such as:

. Flipkart

. Amazon India

. Snapdea

. Paytm

. Gadgets Now

Which websites rank as the top sellers in India?

There is a great increase in ecommerce market in India. According to the research, India’s top-selling websites are: 

. Flipkart

. Amazon India

. Snapdeal

. ShopClues

. Patym

What are the top 50 Indian online shopping sites offering high-quality genuine products with better deals and services?

· Amazon

· Flipkart

· Snapdeal

· ShopClues

· Myntra

· Pepperfry

· Patym

· Deals Freak

· BigBasket

· Mobikwik

· Abof

· BookMyShow

· Freecharge

· TataCliq

· Neulife

· Dietkart

· Airbnb

· Makemytrip

· Travelgo

· Zivame

· Yepme

· Decathalon, Inc

· Nykaa

· Murtela Cosmetics

· Boldface

· B2Badda

· ApkaaBazar

· Cott N Curls

· NinoBambino

· House This India

· Impression Bridal

· Leacarve

· CarDekho

· Babyoye

· Dreamkats

· Hamoney

· Retail Den

· Voonik

· Infibeam

· Future Bazaar

· UniverCell

· Lynx India

· Timtara

· Zoomin

· Techshop India

· Medihome India

· Buytheprice

· Themobilestore India

· Peter England


Which is the best website for selling electronics in India?

Since there are huge demand of eletronics in India, sellers will experience great business opportunity to boost their business online, you can take these online selling sites into consideration, including:

. Flipkart

. Amazon India

. Snapdea

. Paytm

. Gadgets Now

Which is the best site to sell clothing online in India?

There are some great websites to sell clothing and fashion goods in India, like:

. Craftsvilla

. Voonik

. ShopClues

. Flipkart

. Amazon India

What are the best online shopping websites that you need to focusing on in India?

Sellers should pay attention to those best online shopping sites in India to seize every business opportunities in e-commerce world, some best online shopping marketplaces inclucde:

. Flipkart

. Amazon India

. Myntra

. Snapdeal

. Helmetdon

. Jabong


. Voonik

What’s the cheapest online shopping marketplace in India?

Some discount shopping websites with great deals for consumers to shop at cheaper price, such as:

. Flipkart

Which is the best site to shop and sell for furniture in India?

Some websites that is focusing on furniture online selling including:

. Urban Ladder

. Pepperfry

. Fabfurnish

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So that’s my post all about the best online selling sites and shopping marketplace in India. And the tips and tricks in Indian e-commerce industry.

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